Residential and Commercial Surveillance and Monitoring Solutions



Designed especially for businesses and residential applications. Home and Business Owners can have a whole new level of information, situational awareness and smart alerts.


In residential security, verification is especially critical to know whether an alarm is legitimate or not. Police give priority response to video verified alarms, treating them as a crime in progress. Installation is easy.  Since Videofied is completely wireless, installing a system requires no cables, drilling or modifications to the home. In addition to interior devices, Videofied can also protect outdoor assets – external garages, backyards, pool areas and more all on the same system.


Benefits of Southvault Smart Surveillance  Systems

  • Military grade wireless protects homes up to 5,000 square feet

  • Monitored video verification delivers greatest protection

  • Wireless installation keeps costs down

  • Business owners can use the mobile app for remote Look-in from a smartphone

  • Remote smartphone arming/disarm available