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Rugged "Police Kit" Alert System

This portable Police Kit includes an XT Panel, 2 remote PIR motion cameras with mounts, one keypad and one remote arming Keyfob -- All stored in an easy to transport watertight Pelican case. Place this kit anywhere to extend your surveillance with fewer officers. Reduce your manpower and equipment costs with this unit.

Oil Field Monitoring Services

Oil Field

  • Pressure monitoring for Oil, Gas and Water Production.
  • Monitor flow problems associated with Heavy Oil Production.
  • View all activities related to Oil and Gas production and Point of Sale verification.
  • Up to 5 numbers can be added to the call-out on the Alert Engine. Alert Engine customized to your Oil Field name and device (example:“Secure Well Site #One has a Water Tank overflow”).

Property Monitoring

According to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2005, 14% of U.S. homeowners reported property crime, theft, burglary, or vehicle theft. In addition, a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation noted that arrests for property crime dropped by 22% from 1996 to 2005.

Videofied Security with SouthVault

Designed from the ground up to prevent false alarms, Videofied is a revolutionary step from traditional security installations. While security camera installations with a digital video recorder (DVR) provide recordings of yesterday's crime, SouthVault provides the tools and technology necessary to catch criminals today. In addition, Videofied Security Panels are completely wireless and self-powered, isolating them from power outages, tampering, and cut phone lines.

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