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Oil Field Monitoring Services

Oil Field

  • Pressure monitoring for Oil, Gas and Water Production.
  • Monitor flow problems associated with Heavy Oil Production.
  • View all activities related to Oil and Gas production and Point of Sale verification.
  • Up to 5 numbers can be added to the call-out on the Alert Engine. Alert Engine customized to your Oil Field name and device (example:“Secure Well Site #One has a Water Tank overflow”).

Property Monitoring

According to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2005, 14% of U.S. homeowners reported property crime, theft, burglary, or vehicle theft. In addition, a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation noted that arrests for property crime dropped by 22% from 1996 to 2005.

Videofied Security with SouthVault

Designed from the ground up to prevent false alarms, Videofied is a revolutionary step from traditional security installations. While security camera installations with a digital video recorder (DVR) provide recordings of yesterday's crime, SouthVault provides the tools and technology necessary to catch criminals today. In addition, Videofied Security Panels are completely wireless and self-powered, isolating them from power outages, tampering, and cut phone lines.

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